Influencing Change

Complimenting the Social Care Scotland Act

In 2014 , the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act was due to bring ground breaking changes to the way our country designs, implements and manages social care.

With a human rights based approach, the values, mission and aims of Carr Gomm complemented those of Self-directed Support (SDS).

It is widely recognised that the ambitions of SDS have not been fully realised, and there is still much work to do to ensure all of us are able to lead lives as included and valued citizens.

Carr Gomm has been, and will continue to be involved in influencing the direction of social care support, including:

  • Sharing our experiences and suggestions to improve social care across Scotland via the Independent Review of Adult Social Care.
  • Influencing current social care procurement legislation and associated guidelines for commissioners.
  • Supporting Social Work Scotland, local and national government partners, and other third sector organisations to develop the Framework of SDS Standards.

And we continue to:

  • Promote the implementation of the Framework of SDS Standards.
  • Improve the terms and conditions of the social care workforce to properly reflect the value social care brings to Scotland’s economy and the wellbeing of its people.
  • Collaborate with international partners to share good practice and develop world leading excellence in social care support. For example, we recently co-faciliated a session hosted by InControl Scotland with the Finnish social care provider, KVPS.

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