Physical disabilities

Our Support…

Is developed in line with the Scottish Government’s Disability Delivery Plan .

Each person’s experience of living with a disability is different.

We do not deny the reality that many people with a disability find the world increasingly challenging, but we choose to focus on people’s interests, strengths and dreams for the future.  A support plan may include:

  • Maximising independence in the home, including with medication, finances, personal care, health and wellbeing, and adapted environments
  • Enjoying education, work or volunteering
  • Building and maintaining relationships with friends and family
  • Travelling safely
  • Attending social activities, connecting with local resources and trying new things

We achieve this by…

Being tenacious and not giving up on people.  Our specially trained practitioners have considerable experience and skills in developing strong support relationships and positively persisting with people to engage in supports and community activities. Read about the impact our support had to Brian’s life.

For further information or to arrange support, contact us via our online form or give us a call on 0300 666 3030