Mental health

Our support…

Is developed in line with the Scottish Government’s Mental Health Strategy, focused on supporting people to live independently and well, based on their choices within their community.

Support needs are not constant and peoples’ outcomes change, so we react, adapt and adjust as people’s lives change.

Whilst each person’s support is unique, there are common themes around which people seek support to improve their health, wellbeing and participation in life, including:

  • Maximising independence in the home, including tenancy agreements, finances and personal care
  • Building and maintaining relationships with family, friends and other networks
  • Managing medication and treatment programmes
  • Shopping and cooking healthy meals on a budget
  • Enjoying education, employment or volunteering
  • Attending social activities, connecting with local resources and trying new things

We promote and focus on recovery, rehabilitation and personal growth: maximising independence, developing and building skills, and creating a robust circle of support.  Many people want to avoid being admitted to hospital and so we work together to develop agreed approaches to stay safe and well at home.

We aim to…

Support each person to develop new skills, enabling them to manage their own lives and home environment, increasing their self-esteem, skill-base and wellbeing; read about Alice, here.

We achieve this by…

Identifying goals with each person and adopting a “do with” method, rather than “do for”.  We are tenacious and do not give up on people.

Our specially trained practitioners develop strong support relationships, break down barriers and positively persist with people to ensure they are informed, engaged and active citizens in their home and community.

For further information or to discuss what support options are available in your area, contact us via our online form or give us a call on 0300 666 3030