Our Impact

Developing & pushing boundaries

We aim to have a positive impact on the lives of people, families and communities throughout Scotland – never settling for good enough but always innovating, improving, developing and pushing boundaries in the pursuit of a more equitable society. This means maximising the resources we have to ensure that we support people and families to live full and positive lives as active citizens.

4,160 people supported

In any given year, we support over 4,000 people to live safely and well in their own homes. We work hard to understand each person: their strengths and existing supports, their personality, preferences, and dreams for the future, alongside the reality of issues and concerns negatively impacting on their life. We are invited into people’s lives when they need a partner on their journey, and we are committed to being the best support and champion for each person that we can be.

0% gender pay gap

We maximise our impact on people and communities by maximising our impact on workers and being a charity that systematically and culturally supports everyone equitably. One measure of this impact is the gender pay gap. Our gender pay gap is 0%, meaning that women are paid £1.00 for every £1.00 paid to a man. In the whole not-for-profit sector, the average gender pay gap is 9%, meaning women are paid £0.91 for every £1.00 paid to a man. We are committed to supporting the career development of all of our workers.

For more information, read our Gender Pay Gap report.

£27m spent

Our investment in supporting people and workers is significant. Last year, we spent £27M delivering this impact.

Carr Gomm is one of Scotland’s best charities. Every penny we receive contributes to making our society better: supporting people as active citizens; reducing loneliness and isolation; improving health and wellbeing; and providing opportunities for people to flourish.

We are making a positive impact on communities across Scotland. You can learn more about our impact in reports below.

Influencing Change

As a leading social care charity, we feel it is vital to influence policy and stand up for what we and people supported believe in.

Carr Gomm has been, and will continue to be involved in influencing the direction of social care support for people supported and the social care workforce.

Independent Review of Adult Social Care

Carr Gomm Response to Review of Adult Social Care

Carr Gomm Gender Pay Gap Report 2021 - 2022