Work with us FAQs

Work With Us FAQs

Please see below for more information on working with Carr Gomm.

If you have a question that has not been answered, please contact us. 

Do I need previous experience?

For support practitioners, experience is ideal but not essential as we provide a comprehensive induction and continual professional development throughout each person’s career.

Successful Carr Gomm practitioners come from different backgrounds and have different experiences, but all share our person-centred approach and value base.

Experience required for other roles in Carr Gomm varies according to the remit of the job. All requirements will be outlined in the job advert and job profile.

How long does it take to get started?

We have a rigorous approach to ensure we recruit the correct people, so having offered you a post, there are some checks that we go through. These usually take about 4-6 weeks.

When you come to meet us for the first time at the interview, you’ll need ID with you that proves you have the Right to Work in the UK. Whilst you’re with us for the interview, we’ll also check together that everything is in place for a health check and a Protection of Vulnerable Groups check. Following your acceptance of the job offer, we’ll contact your referees using the contact details you submitted on your application form.

Once these checks are complete, we’ll invite you to start induction with us.

What does the support practitioner role involve?

Our core responsibility is to support people to live the life they choose.

On any given day you might make a difference by supporting an older woman with dementia to remain independent in her home and maintain contact with her network of friends in her community.

You might help a young man with autism move into his first home away from his family, and support him to understand his excitement and fear at this big life step.

You might support a father of young children with his benefits claims and understanding his responsibilities as a tenant to reduce his risk of eviction.

You might support a woman who struggles with her mental health to improve her wellbeing by making healthy food choices on a budget and keeping on top of her medications.

On any given day, you will be supporting people to live their life safely and well according to their choices, and you might also be making plans for how people can achieve their hopes and dreams for tomorrow. What can be better or more exciting than helping someone achieve their goals in life? You can do this.

What qualifications do I need?

For support practitioner roles, no qualifications are required as we support all practitioners to complete their vocational SVQ qualification and ensure everyone benefits from continual professional development as part of their career with us.

In general, the best colleagues are warm, open, honest, resilient, respectful, patient, positive, empathetic and well-motivated team players who are creative thinkers and excellent problem-solvers.

Qualifications required for other roles in Carr Gomm may vary according to the remit of the job. All requirements will be outlined in the job advert and job profile.

What training do you provide?

We’ll support you by placing you in a welcoming team under the leadership of a knowledgeable manager. We’ll provide a comprehensive induction, regular supervision and team meetings to ensure you maximise your potential.

We’ll develop your career by helping you register as a professional social care practitioner with the SSSC. We’ll support you in completing your vocational SVQ training, and we’ll ensure you benefit from continual professional development.

This is more than a job; this is your career.

Do you have a staff recognition programme?

Yes! Carr Comm understands the importance of recognising individual commitment to the organisation and the delivery of excellent care. The following structure has been introduced on 1 April 2023 to recognise and reward all permanent employees from the completion of their first-year service to the next significant milestone and beyond.

Recognition Structure:

Length of service Recognition
1 Year
  •  £50 voucher
  • Letter from Senior Operations
  • Manager
2 Years
  •  +2 days A/L
5 Years
  •  5 years badge
  • +3 days A/L
  • Letter from Chief Executive
10 Years
  • 10 years badge
  • £100
  • Letter from Chief Executive
  • Mentioned in the Briefing
15 Years
  • 15 years badge
  • £150
20 Years
  • 20 years badge
  • £200
  • Anniversary Lunch
  • Mentioned in dispatches at AGM.
25 Years
  •  25 years badge
  • £250
30 Years
  •  30 years badge
  • £300



How many days of annual leave do you offer?

All full-time staff members are entitled to 35 days of annual leave each year. As part of Carr Gomm’s staff recognition scheme, full-time staff will receive an extra 2 days annual leave after 2 years and an additional 3 days annual leave after 5 years. 

Carr Gomm also allows you to sell back or roll over up to 5 days of annual leave each year.