Carr Gomm’s Autism Support



We offer a variety of support services for people with Autism throughout Scotland.


Our services are developed to complement the Scottish Government’s Strategy for Autism and are focused on supporting you to live a healthy and independent life based on your choices.  Our person-centred care means we assist you to live a fulfilling and satisfying life in your own home as an integral part of the community.

When supporting you, we start by agreeing a support plan that is unique to you and brings consistency to your support.

We do not deny the reality that many people find the world overwhelming, but we choose to focus on people’s interests, strengths and dreams for the future.  Support plans may include guidelines and outcomes describing:

  • Daily structures and routines
  • Clear communication protocols that support positive ways of being
  • Maximising independence in the home, including with medication, finances, personal care, and health and wellbeing
  • Maintaining and developing relationships
  • Enjoying education, employment or volunteering

“It’s a fantastic service, you are supported, not ‘looked after’ and can make your own decisions.” John, Glasgow

Our practitioners are specially trained to understand why people with autism think, react and behave in particular ways and thereafter to develop techniques and strategies to support each person safely.

Our expert group, ATLAS (Autism Training, Learning, and Support), provides information, training and guidance to teams across the organisation and adds value to the work of individual practitioners to ensure we can support people to live a full and meaningful life they choose.

For further information or to discuss support options, contact us online or on 0300 666 3030

Autism Awareness Stories from Carr Gomm

A Story of James and his Journey

James began receiving support from Carr Gomm in October 2016, after spending some time in hospital. During this transition period, James and his team started building a relationship based on trust and mutual respect. As a result, James has been able to build a beautiful home in Stirling where he feels safe, happy, and contented.

Laura: My Autism Story

Laura Jackson (Administration Officer for Dundee) shares their experience of navigating life and work as a neurodivergent person.

Meet Robert

At Carr Gomm, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to live the life they wish to lead. Our person-centered approaches empower people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to achieve their goals, pursue their interests and live life to the fullest.

Read Robert’s story.

Stories from people Carr Gomm supports

Carr Gomm supports people with a range of needs and offers individualised help that is right for them. Click to read about some of the incredible people Carr Gomm supports.

Carr Gomm Service Locations


Carr Gomm has services throughout Scotland that support over 3,000 people every day. Visit our service map and see if we offer support in your area.