International Collaborations

Making global connections

Our International Collaboration project connects Carr Gomm with organisations around the globe who share our values, approaches and philosophy.

The project plays a vital role in exploring how our experience fits within the wider world, enabling us to be the vibrant and forward-thinking organisation we continually strive to be.

By learning from others doing similar work in different contexts and sharing our own knowledge with others where we can, we will deepen our impact here in Scotland and continue to positively influence and shape the future of social care both in Scotland and further afield.

We welcome opportunities to make meaningful connections with organisations and networks in the social care and community development fields in any part of the world, as well as with those working in some of Carr Gomm’s key focus areas, including isolation and loneliness, mental health, disability, dementia, addiction and homelessness.

The project also seeks to explore how we can better understand how our work fits into a wider global picture of sustainable global development through joining in global conversations in the interconnected areas of social care, community development, social justice and human rights.

For all things international, please get in touch with our International Collaborations Project Manager at

Read more about International Collaborations work below:

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