Anti-Bullying Week 2022: Read Vic’s Story

It’s anti-bullying week and this year’s theme is: respect me respect our rights! Respect is one of Carr Gomm’s core values and our LGBT Network for staff and the people we support ensures we respect everyone for their true authentic self.

We’ve supported Vic for over ten years. She’s very outspoken and loves writing poetry as well as getting out an about in Dundee. Vic is a member of the LGBT Community and believes that everyone should be accepted for who they are.

Vic fully embraces her lesbian identity and her flat is full of pride flags. She loves Cate Blanchett and her favourite film is Carol!

Vic is excited about the possibilities that our LGBT Network can offer her. She thinks there needs to be more accessible LGBT spaces in Dundee and hopes that the network can provide this. We hope so too- watch this space!