World well-being week

world well being week

Why is focussing on well-being important to us?

There is a lot of pressure in achieving overall well-being. It's difficult to know where to start and how to make sustainable changes that will influence long-term good health. That is why well-being is at the heart of everything that we do.

Our focus is building a healthy relationship for people supported and staff to access well-being activities that work for them. We support people to make their well-being a part of their everyday life.

Heres how we do it:

Our Health By Science program equips staff and the people to overcome these barriers and achieve positive and sustainable outcomes. It is tailored to each individual and backed by science.

Here are the benefits:

Better understanding of nutrition, physical exercise, and meeting personal goals.
Easy to access resources via phone or computer.
One-to-one support with experts to help people achieve their personal well-being goals.
Outdoor space for our wellbeing

The benefits of being outdoors are invaluable to our health. It is why our key support involves being creative in the garden, to make the most of the spaces within our services.

This has been beneficial, especially over the past year, with the pandemic in providing mindfulness spaces for people to get together and create memories.

We used our gardens to form connections with food and healthy eating patterns, by growing our own vegetables and learning to cook the food that we grow.
We held events such as the Dundee Festival, to allow people supported and staff to build on relationships. They enjoyed a care free socially distanced event with music, food, and even dressed up.
We have made exercise fun and exciting by using music and dance to work out and get fit.
All across our services, we are all working on ourselves to stay healthy and enjoying each moment as it comes.