Meet Becs

Becs Barker

Why did you want to work for us?

I started out as a project manager for Community Contacts in 2013. I didn’t seek out to work for Carr Gomm, but I chanced upon a very good advert and exciting job description for a role that centred on everything I was passionate about at work. I have continued to want to work for Carr Gomm as I remain passionate about our human rights and person-centred approaches. Equally, I feel valued, challenged, and included. Carr Gomm has enabled me to represent us to help shape national policy, as well as supporting individuals and those important to them.

What do you like most about your job?

That one minute I am listening to a person and supporting them to get the most out of life, and the next, I am in a meeting with national policymakers. I can take real-life stories (anonymised obviously) to those national tables and ensure that the voices of the people we support are included in the decisions that affect their everyday lives.

What surprised you about working here?

I have a significant challenge called dyscalculia. This means that I struggle with numbers and with some organising tasks. My manager and other colleagues have been incredibly supportive and have helped me develop ways to manage this. It’s Carr Gomm supporting me with my strengths as well as my weaknesses in action. I’ve seen the same happen for other colleagues; together we are stronger and can do almost anything!

To find out more about the responsibilities of the role read the job description.