Dundee Forum 2023 : Kindness and Compassion

Man wearing headphones and smiling. Woman dancing in the backgroung.

Dundee services had a fun-filled day at their recent forum. Ekaterina Todorova (Operations Manager) shared, ” Our visiting and Benvie service have been growing with a number of people settling in their new homes and receiving support from Carr Gomm in the community. We thought early 2023 was a good opportunity to get people together for a lovely Forum and give them an opportunity to meet and share their experiences.”

The theme for Dundee’s Forum was Kindness and Compassion, which inspired some great discussions and activities. Christopher and his support practitioner Matthew gave a talk on digital inclusion. Chris shared how Carr Gomm‘s Digital Inclusion Research Project has made a positive impact on his life. Vic and Laura (Administration Officer) gave a talk on Carr Gomm’s LGBT network and the importance of being kind to each other regardless of our differences.

As well as talks on our International Collaboration Project and Involvement work from Rebecca Robinson (International Collaboration Project Manager) and Becs Barker (Operations Manager – Community Contacts, Involvement, Quality & Innovation). These talks showcased the valuable work Carr Gomm is doing in the community and how people can get involved and contribute to making a positive change.

The forum was not just about talks but also about fun activities. There was a lot to do, from walking football facilitated by Dundee Football Club striker Alex Jakubiak to a silent disco that had everyone on their feet, dancing and having a great time. People also had a chance to decorate pancakes and share their experiences of kindness and compassion on the kindness and compassion tree. The tree was a beautiful display of how even the smallest act of kindness can make a significant impact on someone’s life.

One person wrote, “I experience friendship, support and kindness”. Another said, “I remember when I lost my mum, the staff in Carr Gomm gave me a meaningful hug when I struggled, this helped me”.

Leaf on tree that reads 'frienship kindness understanding helpfulness' Kindess and compassion tree

One of our staff members also said: “The turnout was amazing! Great seeing people supported getting to meet up and have fun together. Everyone got involved. It was so great to see!”

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the forum and contributed to making it such a special event.

Young woman writing a leaf for the kindness and compassion tree.   People dancing People dancing with silent disco headphones