Our Approach & Values

Approach & Values

We have a philosophy that ensures people have the support they need to live full and positive lives.  Our approach is informed by:

  • proactive human rights-based practices
  • a person-centred ethos
  • values of choice, control, openness and honesty, interdependence, respect, compassion and kindness

 In practice, this means that we take time to understand each person:

  • their strengths and existing supports
  • their personality
  • their preferences and dreams for the future

As people, there are things we all seek in life – a home, relationships, income, to feel safe and to have dreams. There are also times when we need support in our life.

Together, we create an outcomes-focused personal plan incorporating detailed support guidelines.

How, when and where we provide support is agreed individually, but is convenient, flexible and safe.

Our teams are trained to focus on people being active participants in life rather than passive recipients of services: our approach is doing with the person, rather than to or for them.

Everyone is involved in decisions about their support and what matters to them.