What is Self-Directed Support?

what is self directed support

A Helping Hand with Self-Directed Support (SDS) in Argyll & Bute and Highland

Self-Directed Support (SDS) is available to anyone in Scotland who has been assessed as eligible for social care support by their local Health and Social Care Partnership.

In Argyll & Bute, and Highland – our Community Contacts project offers a helping hand with SDS. Its a pioneering initiative, shining light on an often complicated world of social care support.

SDS aims to give people as much choice and control as they want about how their support is organised, managed, and delivered. It is for people of all ages who are eligible for social care and support from their local authority.

For information on how to access Self-Directed Support in Argyll & Bute or Highland, visit our Community Contacts Facebook page, call us on 0300 666 3030, or email becsbarker@carrgomm.org. Our SDS webpage also explains the process in more detail.