Tony & Nathan’s dream team

tony and nathan

Tony joined us in 2020 as a support practitioner. He has developed a strong relationship with Nathan, who wasnt used to the role of a support practitioner in his day-to-day life.

It was important for Tony to:

get to know Nathan
understand his needs
find out how he wanted to be supported
Nathan has autism, a learning disability, and epilepsy. Before Tony, he hadnt received support by anyone other than his family. Tony supports Nathan with tasks he often finds stressful, and his person-centred approach has helped build the foundations of a trusting and happy relationship.

Before our support started, Nathan struggled to make healthy and nutritious meals. Even something as basic as making a sandwich was an incredibly difficult task for him. Weve taken things step-by-step, slowly supporting Nathan to do the things that make him happy. Fast forward ten months and his confidence has increased tenfold; he now makes some of the best pancakes in town, without any support at all.

Hes also changed his attitude towards fitness and is now regularly enjoying:

going on lots of walks
attending the gym
Tony said: Being a young man with lots of energy, its great that Nathan has found things that help him have fun.

Its been a delight to see him gain so much independence and learn new skills. Were both looking forward to visiting attractions now theyre open and to getting stuck into all the new opportunities we can in 2021.

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