Talking about the good old days

the good old days

Reminiscing about the past is such a powerful thing. Its a great way for people to connect and get to know each other better.

Recently, to encourage memories and connections, a group of people supported got together to reminisce about their childhoods.

Iris lives with dementia. She often feels confused and distressed, but thinking about times gone by can help. Iris loved being part of the conversation and sharing stories.

Our support team ensured everyone received a memory pack filled with old sweets, posters, and adverts; all with a focus on childhood memories.

Many people talked about what life used to be like growing up in Scotland. Heres some of their recollections:

The toffee van that would sell toffee in your neighbourhood, with the smell of toffee escaping from the local factory.
Having skint knees from playing outside all day.
Building train sets with your dad.
Gala days filled with parades and celebrations.
Along with lots of conversation and sweeties, the group also played games like bingo and scrabble.

Clair Harkness, said: The get-together was really special. It was lovely to see everyone get so involved in the discussions and games. One person even brought along old photos from their childhood to share with the group. Weve already started organising our next walk down memory lane, where everyone has been asked to bring along childhood memories from the beach.

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