Supporting the 4 Steps to Fair Work Campaign

As a member of CCPS, we fully back this campaign calling for the Scottish Government to step up and commit to Fair Work for social care staff in Scotland.

On 29th June, the Coalition of Care Providers Scotland launched their 4 Steps to Fair Work Campaign. This campaign calls on the Scottish Government to commit to the following calls:

  • Deal with pay inequality: As a first step, implement the promise of a minimum of £12 per hour for social care staff, starting from 1 April 2023.
  • Ensure equal pay for equal work: Apply pay uplifts to staff in all services, not just those in registered adult social care.
  • Value all staff who play their part: Deliver funding packages that value the crucial role of support staff and managers, alongside frontline workers.
  • Give us hope of equality: Publish a timetable by this September to deliver fully on Fair Work in Social Care by 2025.

We believe that Carr Gomm and the people we support are not broken; we need better resourcing to ensure that everyone else can experience person-centred support which enables them to live their best possible life.

These campaign calls are vital first steps to achieving this; ensuring that social care is rewarded and recognised for the role it plays in our communities across Scotland.

Keep an eye on our website and our social media platforms this year as we continue to influence change in the social care sector.

Go to the CCPS’s campaign page