Become a company member

Company Members have a say in the direction of our organisation, from voting at our AGM to standing for election to sit on the Board.

We are proud to have people we support, their relatives and advocates as Company Members and Directors.

As a member of Carr Gomm, you:

  • can have a say in the company’s direction
  • can participate and vote at the AGM
  • have a say in any major changes in our company
  • are the only people who can stand for election to become a Director
  • will receive our newspaper at least twice a year

Your responsibilities as a Company Member include:

  • needing to genuinely support the work of Carr Gomm.
  • acting responsibly, for example at meetings and votes
  • voting for who should be on the Board of Directors
  • paying a subscription fee of £1
  • potentially needing to pay £1 if the company goes bankrupt

Have your say and help us build the future by applying today!

Download our application form and email it back to us at, or post it to:

Carr Gomm, 11 Harewood Road, Edinburgh, EH16 4NT