Dundee Ornamental Garden

Another of our teams in Dundee has been busy turning their back yard into a local ornamental garden.

The team applied to Carr Gomm Futures, which administers and allocates fundraised money to projects that address social isolation and loneliness in local communities. They wanted to purchase materials for a gazebo, some compost and seeds to re-energise a once neglected space.

With this, they created a beautiful communal garden, where people can come together, mingle, chat, enjoy the fresh air, assist with the garden maintenance, and even get to know the neighbours.

Arthur, one of the support practitioners in the team, has been particularly creative in reusing and upcycling old items that are no longer in use for their original purpose. He has restored an old shed and insulated the inside to make a cosy outdoor space, tumble dryer drums repurposed as planters, and – our favourite – a bread-bin flower box!

The garden is now in use for people we support and local neighbours to come and enjoy:

“The garden is a colourful and cheerful place to sit and enjoy the fresh air. It’s been great to meet and chat to some of the people who live just next door.”

If you would like to support this projects and activities like these that are addressing isolation and loneliness across Scotland, you can donate here today.