Stomping Out Loneliness and Isolation: Cara’s Fundraising Journey

When the Big Carr Gomm Challenge Came Around, Cara Laced Up Her Walking Boots to Help Stomp Out Loneliness and Isolation.

In March 2023, Cara embarked on a solo hike along the Rob Roy Way, covering an impressive 127km trail from Drymen to Pitlochry. Cara felt inspired to fundraise for Carr Gomm’s community projects after seeing firsthand the heartbreaking effects of social isolation and loneliness.

“Before I joined Carr Gomm as a Support Practitioner, I didn’t fully understand the impact of social isolation. It was hard to imagine the toll that prolonged loneliness can have on someone’s mental and physical well-being. For some individuals I supported, Carr Gomm staff were the only people they could connect with, and the sense of belonging and understanding we provided was invaluable. Initiatives like Club Fun and the online Sing-A-Long created a safe space where people we support could have fun and connect with like-minded individuals, boosting their confidence and mental health.”

Now, Cara’s gearing up for her next adventure in September as she takes on a 99km trek across Scotland with the Carr Gomm Canal Challenge.

Thank you, Cara, for your incredible efforts and dedication to making a positive impact. Your support will help Carr Gomm continue to run vital community projects, providing essential help and connection for those who are socially isolated and lonely.

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