Rian’s positive lockdown

rians lockdown

Do you remember when everything was normal? What the community and town centre felt like?

It was bustling as people moved in large groups in the busy streets. Social distancing was not something many of us thought about, and so for many of us, we are longing for those connections again.

During those days, Rian struggled to walk for long periods of time in crowded areas. He used a wheelchair in public spaces, and moving around was a risk for him.

Now the shops are closed, and the streets are empty with very few people in sight, Rian is free to walk independently. He spends less time in his wheelchair and enjoys walking with his support practitioner. He is now embracing the new normal and exploring the local community with confidence.

As we journey towards the end of lockdown, it’s important to consider everyone’s experiences (good, bad or indifferent). Some of us have enjoyed a new lease of life in these quieter moments, while others have really struggled with the restrictions of lockdown.

Perhaps, now more than ever, there will be an opportunity for reflection, new ways of living, and positive change for all of us.