What our support looks like

Paul is 18 years old and has Prader Willi Syndrome.  This means that Paul is biologically driven to eat excessively and seek out food; something which he has no control over and can lead to what social workers call “challenging behaviour“.

We worked closely with Paul to create his support plan, focusing on detailed guidelines for everyone to follow.  This ensured his support was consistent and the best it could be.  Several Carr Gomm staff are trained Positive Behaviour Support facilitators, so they contributed to Paul’s support plan alongside his specialist Learning Disability Nurse for Behavioural Support and Intervention.

We undertook specific training on Understanding Prader Willi so the more we got to know Paul we could reflect with him on his support.  We reviewed and tweaked his support plan so that he could get the best from it.

Prior to each respite break, we created detailed plans, schedules and risk assessments, making sure we had the right accommodation and facilities to access.  This positive risk taking as well as our person-centred approach on getting to know and understand Paul, meant we successfully supported him to go on several short breaks.

Paul is currently planning his next “long weekend away with the lads”.

Whilst Paul is “away with the lads”, his family are enabled to rest and spend some quality time together; a support which is greatly valued by them.

For further information or to discuss what support options are available in your area, contact us via our online form or give us a call on 0300 666 3030