Our Men in Sheds project is a dedicated, friendly and welcoming weekly meeting place where socially isolated and lonely men come together to build self-esteem, develop new skills, and combat isolation and loneliness. 

Adverse life circumstances can heighten stress levels, and stress is a factor in almost all major mental and physical illnesses. The men who come to our shed identify themselves as socially isolated and living without structure in their lives, so we create the space and deliver activities for men to develop protective factors, including creating community connections, friendships and a renewed sense of purpose in life.

"Coming to the shed a couple of times a week gives me something to look forward to and a reason to get out of the house."

The activities at the shed vary but all focus on learning a mixture of practical and life skills, including woodworking, gardening, planning ahead, holding meetings, problem-solving and time management.  

The shed also encourages an entrepreneurial spirit amongst the men, some of whom have started to sell their woodwork creations to the general public, including a 6-seater picnic table with wheelchair spaces, upcycled bookcases, pallet coffee tables, and lamp bases made from salvaged logs.

Several of the men have commented on feeling more confident and in control of their lives, with a greater desire to improve their health and wellbeing.