The Highland Carers Roadshow: Supporting Unpaid Carers

Carr Gomm is excited to be a part of The Highland Carers Roadshow, a series of free events to recognise and support unpaid carers in the community.

Unpaid carers are the unsung heroes who tirelessly care for or support their family members or friends facing disability, illness, frailty, addiction, or mental health conditions. Their resilience and dedication have an incredible impact on communities across Scotland, creating a network of support and compassion.

Statistics indicate that one out of every three people will step into the role of a carer at some point in their lives, yet this responsibility often goes unrecognised. For unpaid carers, navigating the benefits system can sometimes feel like a puzzle, and the role itself can bring moments of isolation.

That’s why, from 20 September to 5 October, the Highland Carers Roadshow will bring support to people who need it most. The roadshow is an opportunity for carers to connect face-to-face with NHS Highland Carer Support Service, Carr Gomm’s Community Contacts, Connecting Carers and many more organisations offering support and guidance.


Leading the initiative for NHS Highland, Jennifer Campbell says, “We’re on the road because we want to reach carers who are ‘off-radar’. In Highland, there are thousands of people of all ages supporting a neighbour, friend or relative, but many aren’t aware that there is any help available to them personally. There’s clearly a natural tendency to concentrate on the person being cared for before yourself. We want to offer support before anyone becomes overwhelmed. Sometimes, small things can make a big difference. Last year, we funded a new outboard motor on a small boat for a carer who loves to fish near his house. He and his son can now go back onto the water to have a few hours to relax while his wife is looked after by other family members.”


Highland Carers Roadshow locations, dates and times:



Wednesday, 20 September 2023,

11am – 2pm


Perrins Centre





Friday, 22 September 2023,

11.30am – 2.30pm


Nairn Community Centre





Tuesday, 26 September 2023,

12pm – 2.30pm


The Macphail Centre





Wednesday, 27 September 2023,

12pm – 2pm


The National Hotel






Thursday, 28 September 2023,

12pm – 2pm


Fountain Road Hall






Friday, 29 September 2023,

11am – 3pm


North Coast Visitor Centre






Monday, 2 October 2023,

11am – 3pm


Cairngorm Hotel






Tuesday, 3 October 2023,

11am – 3pm


Portree Community Centre



Fort William



Thursday, 5 October 2023,

11am – 2pm


Waverley House


Everyone is welcome to drop into any of the events and bring the person or people they care for. Free refreshments will be provided on the day.

For any queries, please contact Lori MacKellar by phone at 07966 565 138 or email at

Carr Gomm’s Community Contacts is here to lend a helping hand with Self Directed Support (SDS). The project provides impartial advice, information and support. For more information click here.