Helena’s Fundraising Story

In 2019, Carr Gomm did its Team Carr Gomm “Stomp Out Loneliness” Campaign. I decided to play my part.

The aim was to do a virtual tour of Scotland using whatever means you liked, and most importantly, doing it with other people so as to break down social isolation and loneliness whilst raising money for our community projects. So as I’m a netball enthusiast I thought that running 20 miles whilst playing and umpiring would be a good idea!

I put on my pedometer and started playing, keeping a tally of my steps and converting them into distance run, game by game. I got my team members to sponsor me, along with friends and family. I play for an adult club locally, as well as helping to run the club at my daughter’s high school, umpiring their matches and driving the minibus all over the Borders or further afield when they’re playing away from home, so it’s quite a commitment. But it’s one I really enjoy and which, as we live in a rural location, is important as it means the girls get to travel to places they wouldn’t otherwise get to. There’s nothing like breaking down their social isolation by taking them on a road trip across Scotland for a Scottish Schools Cup match to the Highlands or the West Coast and then having them singing (badly) “We are the Champions” on the way back when they’ve won.

And it all raised some money in a good cause too because it added to my step count!


Carr Gomm is proud to have served communities in Scotland for the past 25 years. This year we are asking for your help to raise £25,000 to continue our community projects and activities in the #BigCGChallenge. Find out how you can get involved on our fundraising page.