Graeme’s Digital Journey

graemes journey

Graeme is a music lover who is supported by our Midlothian Visiting Service. He has been working alongside Digital Ambassador, Stephen, for the past two month to build up his digital skills. Digital Ambassadors are Support Practitioners we have upskilled as part of our Digital Inclusion Research Project. They help us embed digital into our support. Graeme is a talented DJ, having played in a number of venues in his local area. Graeme’s main goal is to become more comfortable playing music digitally so he can move away from using CDs for his sets and have more songs to choose from.

With Stephen’s support, Graeme is now confident using voice control to curate playlists on YouTube which enabled him to play a brilliant set at the Edinburgh, Midlothian, and Tranent Services Forum in September. Graeme and Stephen have now set up Graeme’s laptop with DJ software and decks, ready for the next stage of their music journey.