Gaynor’s support journey


Gaynor, an independent and determined woman, has proven that you can lead a purposeful and fulfilling life no matter your circumstances.

Moving out of the family home

At the age of 25, Gaynor’s brothers’ decided to move out of their family home and into their own accommodation.

Gaynor, who has Down’s syndrome, had noticed a lot of people she knew were leaving home to lead a more independent life. She felt that she should be able to do the same.

At the time, it was difficult to find an organisation that would support Gaynor to live independently, just like her brothers.

Gaynor joins the Carr Gomm family

Gaynor and her parents reached out to a social worker who introduced them to us. We had only just started as a charity in Scotland and so Gaynor was one of the first people we supported in 1998.

Barbara Laing, Gaynor’s mum, said: “Gaynor took a real liking to Carr Gomm, and decided this was the organisation she would like to be supported by. Gaynor has been with Carr Gomm ever since.”

We think Gaynor is amazing

It is a privilege for us to continue to support Gaynor. She leads an independent life, and although her support has changed over the past 23 years, she has remained a happy and amazing woman.

Barbara shared: “Gaynor’s support from Carr Gomm has exceeded all of my expectations. They support her and support our family by taking the worry away and the pressure off of us knowing she’s safe and happy.

“She has always liked her support team and to be honest, they are like a second family to Gaynor.”

Thank you to Barbara for sharing Gaynor’s story with us. We couldn’t be more proud of everything she has achieved.