Embracing the living wage

living wage

Support practitioners across our organisation are skilled/trained professionals, innovative thinkers, hard workers, flexible in their approach, and all-around good people.

Not just anyone has the compassion and drive to deliver this role and therefore, it is important that as an organisation we acknowledge and celebrate the hard work of our people.

We consider ourselves lucky to have a diverse set of employees from all different backgrounds bringing a range of experiences to our charity.

Our work is both rewarding and challenging. Our employees come back each day to deliver the best support possible to some of Scotland’s most vulnerable people.

Therefore, we became an Accredited Living Wage employer because we felt we owed that to our team. We pay a minimum of the Scottish Living Wage, with enhanced salaries for qualified and experienced staff. It’s a small gesture to say: Thank you, we appreciate you.

Lucy Wren, our chief executive, shared her thoughts on the matter: “Our staff provide an essential service within communities. They are trained, skilled, resilient and dedicated individuals.

“It is essential we recognise the critical role they have in maintaining the stability of services to those who are vulnerable and most in need within our society.

“We can do this, in part, through ensuring our staff have at least a Living Wage, they then are able to sustain themselves while they are caring for others.”

Here are some of the thoughts and opinions gathered from our employees  on the positive impact the Living Wage has had on their lives:

  • Caroline Barnes, support practitioner, said: “Being paid the ‘real Living Wage’ shows me that Carr Gomm value my work, are willing to invest in me, even in challenging economic times. It also demonstrates their commitment to workers’ rights and supporting principles of social justice.”
  • Alan Young, support practitioner, said: “Thanks to the Living Wage I am able to relax away from work with no real worries about bills.  I have been on more foreign holidays in the sun, and managed to grab weekends away where previously this would be a no, no.”
  • David Mackenzie, support practitioner, said: “On the real Living Wage, I now don’t need to claim housing benefit. This moves me above the need to require social aid, which is a good feeling.”
  • Carra Dick, support practitioner, said: “This is the only job in my 30 years of living where I work less and get paid more. I get to spend time with my daughter and have money left over every month.”
  • Cara Davis, support practitioner, said: “Being paid the Living Wage makes me feel valued as a worker and that the important work we do with people in the community is recognised. With the wage increase from April, I have been able to pay off my student loan sooner than expected and add more to my savings.”

Lucy Wren said: “Appropriate reward for the work our staff do should not be a choice, but an expectation and commitment that we have as an organisation and a nation.

“Carr Gomm is proud to make this commitment to our amazing staff.”