Digital Inclusion Project wins Digital Diversity award.

Digital Inclusion Project wins Digital Diversity award

The Digital Inclusion Research Project won the Digital Diversity award at The Herald Digital Transformation Awards for using digital technology to promote diversity and inclusion for the people Carr Gomm supports and staff. The Project was also shortlisted for the ‘Best use of Technology in the Third Sector’ award.

Shannon McNee, Carr Gomm’s Digital Inclusion Researcher who leads the project said: “I want to say a massive thank you to our Digital Ambassadors, Support Practitioners, Managers and, most importantly, the people we support for their continued enthusiasm, curiosity, and creativity. Without them, this project simply would not exist. I can’t wait to see how the project continues to grow as we work towards our aim of digital inclusion no longer being viewed as an ‘add on’ or ‘extra’ in social care support, but instead a fundamental human right.”

Carr Gomm’s Digital Inclusion Research Project is a process of action research led by Carr Gomm’s dedicated Digital Inclusion Researcher, Shannon McNee. Shannon has collaborated with people Carr Gomm supports and staff across fifteen Carr Gomm services to develop person-centred approaches in providing digital inclusion support. Each service is supported by a team of Digital Ambassadors; upskilled Support Practitioners who share their digital skills with people they support and their wider teams.

The project upskills people to socially connect online, to meet their everyday needs and their career and education aspirations. It’s had a significant impact on the lives of people Carr Gomm supports every day.

Stuart, a person Carr Gomm supports in Glasgow, was supported to get a tablet and Wi-Fi device via the Connecting Scotland initiative after he returned from a lengthy stay in hospital. These devices helped him connect with old friends and experience new hobbies such as listening to music on Spotify. “When I first came out of hospital I didn’t have anything to do with my days,” said Stuart. “It’s great that I can get the support to show me new things online.”

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