Digital freedom in Glasgow

digital freedom

People in Glasgow are learning new skills and discovering their digital independence.

Linda and Janet were eager to learn how to shop online. This project has been a transformational experience for both of them, with both finding a new sense of confidence in buying their weekly groceries and connecting with friends via social media.

Stuart was in hospital for a long time and when he was discharged, we supported him to get a tablet and Wi-Fi device via the Connecting Scotland initiative. Stuart reflected on how great it’s been to reconnect with people he never thought he would be able to speak to again.

Martin has been learning how to use a music app called Spotify. He is thrilled about learning a new digital skill and told us:

“I think Carr Gomm is a remarkable organisation. When I first came out of hospital I didn’t have anything to do with my days. It’s great that I can get the support to show me new things online.”

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