What our support looks like

Claire had a difficult start to life. She was in and out of children’s homes throughout her childhood, and, at a young age, was diagnosed with a personality disorder. This affected her relationship with her family; they find it difficult to understand and manage Claire’s behaviour.

Claire’s circumstances and experiences had a significant impact on her adult life, and Claire found herself falling into addiction as a crutch and way of coping.

We met Claire about four years ago; she expressed a strong desire to change the way she was living, to manage her tenancy, and develop healthier ways of managing her emotions. We listened to Claire, and worked closely with her to draw out what she wanted to achieve and how. We took things at Claire’s pace to gradually built up trust and, most importantly, we have been tenacious in our support; we never give up.

Today, we support Claire to attend regular appointments, collect her medication from the pharmacy and get involved in various activities to help improve her well-being, support her to manage her emotion’s and deter from high volumes of substance abuse. Activities such as attending her local library have been a good and enjoyable distraction for Claire and which we actively encourage her to attend.

We support Claire with her accommodation by helping her with the upkeep of her hostel flat. We support her to keep her home clean and tidy, and to manage bills and food shopping.  Living in the hostel has been the most secure period of time Claire has had in her life, with the least amount of hospital admissions she has ever experienced.  This has been one of Claire’s main goals to lower her hospital admissions; she is now finding the safety and security that hospital can offer within her own tenancy and from social connections.

Claire is now creating new goals for and looking towards the future, and is motivated to see how far she has come with the right support.

For further information or to discuss what support options are available in your area, contact us via our online form or give us a call on 0300 666 3030