Chris’ Digital Journey

chris digital journey

A selection of homemade Halloween themed cupcakes.Chris’ Digital Journey has seen him grow in confidence and skill over the past 3 months by using his tablet to search the internet for new and interesting baking inspirations.

With the help of Craig, one of our Digital Ambassadors in Midlothian, Chris has been supported to develop his digital understanding by looking online for new recipes for them to create. Chris enjoys exploring the web to find the perfect recipe for them to attempt and has currently challenged themselves to ‘bake with the seasons’ to create seasonal delicacies.

Last week, Chris and Craig made some spooky and delicious Halloween cupcakes. Chris loved exploring the web and seeing the vast array of different recipes available before settling on the perfect one. They both enjoy reading and following the instructions and learning new skills, both digital and baking. Chris and Craig had great fun while making (and eating!) the scary cupcakes!

Through fun and engaging activities like baking, Chris has managed to develop his digital confidence with his tablet and has gained knowledge and experience that continues to grow.