Meet Britney : Celebrating Disability Pride

As we celebrate Disability Pride Month, let us introduce Britney.

In 2010, Carr Gomm became an integral part of Britney’s life when she moved to her own home. Angela, Britney’s first key worker, and the team supported her as she adjusted to her newfound independence. They supported Britney to learn new skills as well as helping with housework, food shopping, and cooking.

Britney likes to keep active and one of her all-time favourite activities is swimming. Her love for swimming led her to participate in the Special Olympics in Bath in 2013, marking a special highlight. In the same year, she made a positive decision to move closer to the city centre. Britney looks forward to her trips to the town where she enjoys clothes shopping, going out for food, bowling, and the cinema.

When Britney ‘came out’ as transgender her life changed. She describes the experience as ‘hard at first’ but worthwhile. Britney likes to express herself through clothes and fashion. She takes inspiration from celebrities such as Britney Spears and creates Look Books with her favourite trends.

Britney’s involvement with LGBT Health and Wellbeing in Edinburgh inspired her to take a more active role in advocating for the trans community. Inspired to make a difference, Britney opened up about her journey so that staff can better understand what life is like as a trans person. She describes feeling “happy and proud with [myself]” knowing that the staff and people we support at Carr Gomm have a safe space in the LGBT network.

Carr Gomm respects LGBT people.

The pandemic was a particularly difficult time for Britney. With the help of the Digital Inclusion Research Project she has learned to use an iPad which has broadened her horizons. Britney now enjoys playing games, emailing, online shopping, and connecting with family through video calls on her iPad.The project introduced her to new people and exciting online activities like the Cook-A-Long. She describes the project and staff who have helped her along the way as “brilliant”.

Recently, Britney was diagnosed with Parkinson-type syndrome, which has impacted her mobility. Despite the challenges this brings, she remains positive and continues to make time for the things she enjoys such as spending time with Alfie the show cocker spaniel.

Britney’s advice to others in the LGBTQ+ and disabled community is simple yet powerful – “make friends and be yourself.” Her story reminds us all to embrace our unique identities and be proud of who we are.

Carr Gomm is currently working towards completing the LGBT Charter. The Charter is a programme that will enable us to proactively include LGBT people in every aspect of our work, protecting our staff and providing high-quality service to the people we support. Find out more here or email to get involved.