Simon Mayberry

simon mayberry

I am delighted to offer my legal knowledge, skills and experience, in order to play a part in the continued success of Carr Gomm.

I am an employment law solicitor. In my line of work, I have acted for employers in manufacturing, healthcare, financial marketing, FTSE 250 companies and more. However, my passion lies in acting for charitable and care organisations.

I am strongly motivated by the opportunity to help Carr Gomm to respond to internal and external factors to save unnecessary expenditure of time and money. In doing this, Carr Gomm can use their resources where they are best used – in helping support individuals whilst achieving its charitable aims.

In my spare time, I love travelling as much as possible. I speak Spanish and have travelled extensively around Central America, but now I am more likely to be found on a beach than with a backpack. I have also recently become a keen visitor to the Western Isles, where the beaches are as beautiful (if a bit colder) than any in the world.