Mandy Hay

mandy hay

I’ve been with Carr Gomm since 2003. Before joining, I supported people from the Royal Blind School to achieve independent living in the community. I’ve held a number of roles within the organisation; I was quickly promoted to a senior before taking on the position of manager.

Two years ago, I became operations manager. I am now responsible for developing and maintaining links with commissioners and the Care Inspectorate as well as contributing to the strategic management of Carr Gomm.

I also provide leadership and support for our service managers to assist them to carry out their responsibilities in managing teams.

Another aspect of my role involves ensuring that the Quality Assurance system is in place and I monitor the effectiveness of the service in line with Carr Gomm’s values and standards, ensuring that people are supported in being involved.

I’m motivated to come to work every day knowing that I am contributing to staff development, helping them learn new things and reach their full potential. This enables them to carry out their responsibilities effectively, which brings about a world in which everybody gets an opportunity to achieve their dreams.

A particular highlight of my career with Carr Gomm is reaching the position of operations manager. Having colleagues that believed in me meant a lot.

In turn, I am inspired daily by seeing what others have achieved, whether it be colleagues or hearing the positive stories of people supported achieving their dreams.

Outside of work, I go swimming five mornings a week and attend four gym classes. I enjoy going for walks with my chocolate Labrador, holidays with my husband and spending time with my four grandchildren.