Lucy Wren

lucy wren

I’ve been with Carr Gomm for over 20 years now and have had the privilege of holding the chief executive post since 2010. I helped start Carr Gomm in 1998 with a colleague and so developing and working in the organisation has been my passion ever since. I have had a long career that started in teaching, but quickly moved on to developing my knowledge and skills in working with people who, for whatever reason, can find life a bit tough.

I have worked as a Development Officer in both the Council for Alcoholism and in Mental Health services and also within a Housing Association developing housing and support services. Every day at Carr Gomm is different and I am continually challenged, amazed and inspired by the incredible people we support and the Carr Gomm staff who give more than we should expect to make people’s lives work better and to be happier.

I believe I have the best job and nothing else can compare to having a job that allows you to do what you can to improve the world. That’s what I think we do on a daily basis at Carr Gomm, that’s what makes me very lucky to have my job.