Eilidh MacDonald

Eilidh MacDonald

For as long as I can remember, I have had a clear commitment to social justice. In terms of my career, this was first reflected in the 1980s through my work with Edinburgh & Lothian Women’s Aid; first as an unpaid worker and then as a paid member of the collective.

Since then, I have worked with a range of third sector organisations whose mission I believe in, and for some years now, I have found a happy fit with my values in my work at Carr Gomm.

Heading up the Community Development Team, I have a key role in driving forward Carr Gomm’s commitment to practice innovation. With qualifications in social work, leadership and management, I bring theoretical understanding to the role to inform my direct work experience.

As someone who loves living in Edinburgh but has strong family history with the Highlands and Islands (for a short time, my first and only language was Gaelic), I enjoy travelling throughout Scotland and like the fact that my national role within the organisation means I can travel for work as well as pleasure.

Outwith work, I have learned the fine art of compromise as a Hibs fan and cat person, living with a Hearts fan and dog person. I delight in discussion, laughing, music and dancing while socialising with friends, as well as travelling widely when on holiday.