Becs Barker

Becs Barker
I joined Carr Gomm in 2013, and my current role is Involvement, Quality, and Innovation Operations Manager. My main responsibilities include leading on Carr Gomm’s commitment to involving people we support in creative and meaningful ways.

It is about working with others in the organisation as we pioneer exciting, innovative ways to work together. Being part of the Carr Gomm family to champion fairness and equality for everyone is one of my motivations.

My career path began aged 14-19 when I worked at an adventure playground for disabled children and it is where I learned that with the right mind-set and resources, anything is possible.

I then trained and worked as a nurse, developing my passion for working with others as my equals. A move to Scotland in 2004 saw a change in direction, and it’s where I built on my degree studies to move into community development- championing human rights.

This was a continuation of the journey to pursue my passion for specialising in Self-Directed Support within my previous role with Carr Gomm’s Community Contacts team. Most recently, my desire to embrace all voices has seen me shift to my current post.

I spend some of my free time gardening, yoga, and being outside. I also enjoy reading a whole range of books. One that will stick with me for a very long time is ‘War Doctor’ by David Nott, a surgeon whose humanity for the people he cared for in desperate situations is awe-inspiring.

My major inspirations are Rosa Parks because of her determination, my old boss, John Dalrymple who is one of the few people I witnessed treating everyone as equals, and John Noakes of 1970s Blue Peter for inspiring me as a child.