A festival to remember

festival to remember

Many festivals this year have been cancelled because of the pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped our service in Dundee. They successfully put together a socially distanced garden festival for people supported.

The event was one of a kind, and the atmosphere swayed the attendees from the minute they arrived. They were welcomed into the garden with brightly coloured lanyards and wristbands. Outside music was playing and everyone enjoyed the festive feeling. All the feel-good factors that usually make up a festival could be sensed.

The silent disco was the highlight of the day. Each person supported had their own set of headphones, and everyone sang and danced along. The staff also set up a chill-out zone in the newly painted and refurbished summer house, so when people needed a dancing break, they could relax and enjoy some down time.

super mario fancy dressWhat is a festival without some refreshments? Well, think beautifully decorated mocktails with fruits and umbrellas for everyone to try.

A festival is not complete without a grand finale. Many thanks go out to the festival’s guest singer, Steph, who blew the crowd away.

The staff went above and beyond to organise the festival, and they helped put a smile on everyone’s face. They didn’t miss a single detail; it was an eventful day filled with laughter, with everyone now looking forward to the next one.

Everyone is unique and we all need support with different things at different times in our lives.