Carol joined Carr Gomm towards the end of 2020. Here, she talks to us about her experiences working as an important part of our support practitioner team.

What are your main responsibilities?

My role is to provide a flexible and inspirational approach to supporting people with a range of needs to live their lives safely and well according to their choices. 

What have you learned from the COVID-19 pandemic?

The greatest lesson that the pandemic can teach us, is that we are all in this together. It is so inspiring to see support workers take rise to the challenge to care for our community in new ways.  

We go into uncertain situations every day and continue to do our jobs. It can be more difficult  for people with support needs to take prudent steps to protect themselves from this horrible disease. I have continued to support people by being aware and sensitive to specific risks and obstacles they may face.

Tell us about a moment that stands out in your memory from the past year?

When we enjoyed a brief spell of normality last summer, I was asked to support a person whose favourite hobby was swimming. At the ripe old age of 61, I was filled with dread at the thought of wearing a swimsuit in public. Costumes today aren’t as sturdy as they once were, and most stretch fabrics are designed for the girl with a figure carved from a skinny chip!

As I panicked about my own feelings, I remembered that this wasn’t about me. It was about someone who hadn’t enjoyed something precious to them for many months. I jumped into the pool, and never looked back. The smile and delight of the person I was supporting made it all worthwhile. 

What motivates you to come to work every day?

In my previous employment, every Monday I suffered the blues. That is, until now! I really do enjoy improving lives and encouraging independence. No two days are the same. Only a few months into this new role and I am already building rapport. It’s a great feeling and very rewarding.

Why did you want to work for Carr Gomm?

I chose to work for Carr Gomm because it is one of the leading social care services in Scotland, providing care with compassion, skill and, dignity.

What motivates you to do your job?

I was inspired to become a support practitioner after seeing the difference it has made to my son’s life, who himself has severe learning difficulties and autism.  I really do enjoy the relationships I am building with people supported. I feel a real sense of achievement when I’ve been able to make someone smile. 

Describe a typical day with a person supported?

There is no typical day. I am driven by the person I am supporting; it’s all about choices. On a day-to-day basis, I might support someone to:

  • take a morning shower, and get dressed
  • help with meal preparation
  • administer medication
  • complete household chores
  • manage their finances
  • visit community facilities
  • go shopping
  • exercise
  • or do something fun!

Importantly, it’s also about providing emotional support, and achieving personal goals identified in support plans.  

Is there anything else about the role that you would like to tell us?

I have a real sense of pride in being part of a great team in Midlothian. I have learnt so much from the people I support, from my colleagues, and myself within this new role.

How do you like to spend your time outside of work?

I am a social butterfly. I enjoy company and spend my free time with family and friends. Covid-19 has had a massive impact on this, like so many others. I am so grateful to have access to modern technology.

Who inspires you?

To me, the most important person in my life is my mum. She has inspired me in many ways. To be strong, especially in tough times and that hard work does pay off.  Mum has never passed an opportunity to say “I love you”.  She says it 10 times a day. She has showed me love, just as much as she says it, but it is still fab to hear it.

What is your motto?

I dispense comfort, compassion, and caring without a prescription.

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