25th Birthday People We Support Voices : Meet Anne

Woman making a hot drink in the kitchen
Anne describes herself as a sociable person who loves spending time with family, going out with friends, and giving back to the community through volunteering.
Anne has been supported by Carr Gomm since 2012. Anne lives independently, and her support practitioners guide Anne through daily tasks such as housework and cooking. As well as hospital appointments and social outings. Her support practitioners help Anne to stay on track with paperwork and make sure she has everything she needs to stay organized. One of the things Anne enjoys most about her support is being able to go out and about. She also loves cooking and trying out new recipes in the kitchen.
Anne is a member of Carr Gomm’s Involvement Group and an active participant in Forth Valley’s social groups, such as Club Fun. Anne enjoys the connection and says “it feels good that I’m involved in what’s going on”.
She also took part in Project Arty Stirling, an initiative that helped people stay connected during lockdown through online ‘art cafés’. Anne found this to be a rewarding experience, saying, “I enjoyed being able to express how I felt through drawing. I liked doing it with other people through Zoom.”
With the support of Carr Gomm, Anne is able to live independently and pursue her passions. Her involvement in social groups and initiatives like Project Arty Stirling highlights the importance of staying connected and finding creative ways to come together, especially during challenging times.
Anne’s positive outlook radiates to everyone she meets, and we are honoured to share her story as one of Carr Gomm’s #25voices.