As one of Scotland’s leading charities, we have an integrated philosophy and value base that ensures people have the support they need to live full and positive lives as active citizens.  Our approach is informed by proactive human rights-based practices, our person-centred ethos and our values of Choice, Control, Openness and Honesty, Interdependence, and Respect. 

In practice, this means that we take time to understand each person: their strengths and existing supports, their personality, preferences, and dreams for the future, alongside the reality of issues and concerns negatively impacting on their health and wellbeing. 

As people, there are things we all seek in life – a home, relationships, income, to feel safe and to have dreams – and there are times when any of us could need support in our life.

Together, with a key worker, we create an outcomes-focused personal plan incorporating detailed support guidelines to ensure a consistent approach. 

Our rigorous approach to positive risk enablement enhances meaningful interactions and appropriate activities based on comprehensive risk assessments. This collaborative and dynamic approach consistently leads towards agreed personal outcomes. 

How, when and where we provide support is agreed individually, but is convenient, flexible and safe. We achieve this by having managers leading teams of practitioners and workers throughout Scotland.          

Our teams are trained to focus on people being active participants in life rather than passive recipients of services: our approach is doing with the person, rather than to or for them.

Everyone is involved in decisions about their support and what matters to them. 

Our experience is that being involved contributes to building confidence, feeling in control, expanding choices, feeling purposeful, meeting new people and learning new skills, thus optimising opportunities to live full and positive lives.   

We are invited into people’s lives when they need a partner on their journey; we are privileged to be asked, and committed to being the best support and champion for each individual that we can be.