Lorna, who lives on the west coast of Scotland, has recently been involved in the ‘Go Deep’ game. Go Deep brings people together to explore things individually, as a group and in the community using a range of creative and fun tools.

At the beginning of lockdown, Lorna was shielding and hadn’t seen anyone face-to-face for about a month.

The opportunity to take part in this game and discuss worldwide news topics with people from across Europe left her feeling like she now had “friends from all over the world”. This was according to Becs who works with Lorna and who was also involved in the discussions.

The group, which included participants from Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Germany and Greece, enjoyed discussing a range of different questions, such as the experiences of resilience they have seen in their communities over the past few months and what steps they could each take to support themselves and their community. They also talked about overcoming barriers to communicating online and the new possibilities it offers.

Lorna said: “It was a bit strange at first, but now I feel I have another circle of friends. As I find mixing difficult, this is a big thing.”

Becs added: “It’s great to see how things have opened for Lorna, who comes from a wee fishing village on the west coast of Scotland.”