Our health and well-being program equips staff and the people supported to overcome barriers to achieve positive and sustainable well-being outcomes. Each course is tailored to an individual and backed by science. So far, 322 people have signed up and over 100 people have completed the first stage; Learn to Thrive. 

Graham has always made healthy lifestyle choices. However, by working closely with Ross from Health by Science, he has learned how to adapt a range of exercises to create a routine that suits him.

Graham said: Ross was great at pushing me, yet staying within the limits of what I was comfortable with." 

Not only is he now exercising more regularly, but he's also developed his knowledge of nutrition; making several good changes to his eating habits. 

Well done Graham – we’re all super proud of you. 

Learn more about our health and well-being programme: www.carrgomm.org/News/world-well-being-week