Whilst in part being Carr Gomm’s contribution to the latest painted rock trend, #CarrGommRocks is one of the many ways we are promoting our values and mental wellbeing across Scotland.  

One simple, kind and inspirational message can change someone’s outlook on the day; and what better way to spread such joy than via a giant game of hide and seek around Scotland.

I wasn't looking for a rock.  I just found it.  It was colourful and had a message.  It felt like the message was just for me.  My heart jumped and I felt all warm inside.  I felt happy.  I felt that someone was looking out for me.

We have been busy creating an initial batch of rocks and hiding them in Edinburgh; but this is just the start.

Why not join in and create your own rocks and hide them in your local area?

And don’t forget to get on social media, search #CarrGommRocks and see if you can find where they’ve been hidden. Hopefully our rocks will be found and hidden again and again, brightening the days of people across Scotland, and beyond. 

Happy hunting!


What to do when you find a rock:

  1. Take a picture of the rock
  2. Share your picture on social media with the hashtag #CarrGommRocks
  3. Hide the rock again, ready to encourage and inspire the next finder


How to create your own rock:

  1. Find a suitable rock: the flatter the rock the better as it is easier to paint and write your message on.
  2. Get creative: use pens and paints, and glue things on, to make them as colourful as you can…you want to make sure they will stick out.
  3. Add your instructions: once you’ve finished your creative design, turn the rock over and stick a label on the back with (or simply write with a marker) the instructions you want the finder to follow. These instructions should ideally be the same as our ‘What to do when you find a rock’ instructions above.
  4. Seal your designs: this can be done using craft sealer gloss, or even just some PVA glue.
  5. Find the perfect hiding spot: hide your rock somewhere that it is likely to be found…parks and beaches are popular places. Remember not to hide it anywhere dangerous e.g. near a road.
  6. Share your picture on social media using the hashtag #CarrGommRocks: your picture needs to include enough of the landmark/place where you have hidden the rock, so people can see where they need to go to find it. Top tip: try and keep your rocks in the bottom corner of the picture and have the rest of the photo as the landmark.