Carr Gomm is the lucky winner of The Service Design Academy’s training competition – receiving more than £5,000 to go towards inspiring innovation in its workforce.

The competition was designed to offer advice and training to charities looking for support to develop an innovative solution to a particular problem they face within their organisation.

Renate Kriegler Edwards, Futures Manager for Carr Gomm said: “I am so delighted that The Service Design Academy selected us. We are thought leaders in many aspects of social care in Scotland, so our learning and development work is sure to benefit the wider Scottish community.”

Carr Gomm recognises the importance of gathering ideas and opinions from frontline workers to help improve the delivery of its services, acknowledging that they are the experts. However, it became apparent that there are barriers to gathering these views from staff who work in isolation and in remote locations, such as communication issues. The organisation applied to the competition in the hope of receiving support towards training to improve communication with frontline staff, with the overall aim of breaking down barriers and reducing social isolation

Caron Sandeman, Manager for Service Design Academy said: “We look forward to working with Carr Gomm to support innovation across their team to ensure that all staff are empowered to make change to reduce social isolation.”

Carr Gomm will now work closely with The Service Design Academy team to produce online workshops which will provide staff with the tools and resources to share their ideas and enable the charity to continue to grow and improve the delivery of its services across Scotland.

Renate said: “We are proud of how far we have come as an organisation. Without our staff this would not be possible and therefore, it is important we continue to capture ideas throughout Carr Gomm and work together to reduce social isolation.

“A big thank you to The Service Design Academy for the award and to all of our hard-working staff who make Carr Gomm… Carr Gomm.”

If you would like to know more about Carr Gomm Futures, you can read more here or get in touch via our online form