One of our Edinburgh teams has created a happy thoughts tree. It creates a safe space in which people supported and staff can write happy thoughts onto tags and put them on branches for everyone to see.

Hazel King, a local support practitioner, came up with the idea after being inspired by a film. The story, about a female landscape gardener who constructs the grand gardens at Versailles, includes a reference to a wishing tree where people can leave messages and small gifts.

It’s been a real beacon of hope in what has been a tough few weeks. Writing down something joyful encourages feelings of positivity, and the tree has given people a place to visit outside of their homes (when safe to do so).

Hazel said: “At the moment, it’s hard to get motivated. With the weather and another lockdown, for many it has felt like Groundhog Day. Being unable to go outside means that creativity has once again had to come indoors, and we’re super proud of our version of the wishing tree.”

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