We offer...

Community-based and person-centred support to people living with a learning disability. Our supports, which complement the Scottish Government’s Keys to Life strategy, are focused on supporting healthy lives, maximising people’s choice and control, and increasing independence and active citizenship.

Our support always starts with agreeing a support plan that is unique to each person and captures their individual requirements and desired personal outcomes, which may include:

  • Managing one’s home, tenancy and personal finances
  • Building and maintaining relationships with family and friends
  • Shopping and cooking healthy meals on a budget
  • Communicating effectively, especially without words, and understanding behaviour
  • Enjoying education, work or volunteering
  • Attending social activities, connecting with local resources and trying new things

All of our staff are fully trained in Positive Behaviour Support (PBS). PBS is PROACT-SCIPr-UK accredited, focusing on positive approaches, least restrictive interventions, and the empowerment of the individual.

We aim to...

View all behaviour as communication, encouraging their reflective practice, with clear guidance and procedures on how to maximise engagement whilst reducing the risk of harm; read about Wendy, here.

We achieve this by...

Being tenacious and not giving up on people.  Our specially trained practitioners have considerable experience and skills in developing strong support relationships and positively persisting with people to engage in supports and community activities.

For further information or to discuss what support options are available in your area, contact us via our online form or give us a call on 0300 666 3030