A change to Self-Directed Support 

In recent years, it came to light that Self-Directed Support (SDS) was not being implemented effectively in different localities across Scotland.

This caused a need for change and a wider conversation amongst:

  • Local authorities
  • Government
  • Working groups
  • People supported
  • Social care providers

Our Community Contacts project - offering impartial advice, information and support about SDS - has a strong relationship with policy makers within government.

They approached our project to ask if we would provide advice in helping to develop 12 standards for a new SDS framework. This is to help shape the future of support in social care.

It was important for us as an organisation to provide knowledge and experience to ensure, going forward, SDS would be a success. We influenced this through:

  • Having conversations with national partners and people supported
  • Gathering evidence
  • Sharing positive stories
  • Influencing wider discussions through identifying challenges within SDS

Becs Barker, Involvement, Quality, and Innovation Operations Manager, said: “We have helped influence and create eleven standards with a twelfth standard currently being developed for the SDS Framework.

 “This will work towards ensuring that everyone across Scotland has access to the same quality of support.

“For me, it’s so important that people have their own voice when it comes to their support.”

You can find out more information about our Community Contacts project here.