If anyone is able to, can you consider donating? Carr gomm is an amazing charity that helps and supports people in so many different ways. Carr gomm is important to me as without It, my brother wouldn’t be how he is now. With Carr gomm, Rian is the most content I’ve ever seen him.
Carr gomm is also important to me as I support people through Carr gomm and I am so happy to be able to make a difference in someone’s day.
Funding could go so far. It can keep on letting people get the support they need. It can let people achieve their dreams. And also, gives people the chance to communicate with others.
Britain is the loneliness capital of Europe.

Loneliness and social isolation are severely detrimental to our health, and increase the chance of developing longer-term health conditions such as depression, dementia and heart disease. Unfortunately, millions of people in the UK experience loneliness throughout their lifetime.

Carr Gomm are doing something about it.

Every penny that they fundraise goes directly towards their community projects and activities which are connecting people and tackling loneliness and isolation in communities across Scotland.

Their work has already had a significant impact, but they know there is so much more to do.

So they're hosting Team Carr Gomm 2020 to make an even bigger difference - and I've joined the team.

Team Carr Gomm are looking to raise £60,000 via a team of at least 100 people all doing something extraordinary, taking on a challenge, and breaking down barriers.

I have signed up to a challenge to raise money and help Team Carr Gomm reach their fundraising target. Will you help me?” Rebecah Beagley