Fumiko is a true Carr Gomm fundraising champion. Over the past two festive seasons, Fumiko has done a wonderful job organising Christmas Hand Bells & Carols concerts in her local church - the Oban Parish Church - as a way of engaging with her local community:

“I noticed that people in Oban were feeling quite isolated, especially elderly people. I know that a lot of them enjoy music and thought that this would be a good way to bring them together. I choose to fundraise for Carr Gomm because I know that they do a lot of work to reduce loneliness, and wanted to help them achieve this in my community.”

As part of the Oban Winter Festival, the Muckairn Ringers, the Oban Church Choir and the Oban Gaelic Choir have all performed at the events, which are supported by the Church of Scotland. Fumiko likes to get her friends baking and sell their cakes to the audience as well.

This year, the group also sang to over 100 people in Marks & Spencers, and in various homes around Oban, to spread the Christmas spirit!

Fumiko's events have really brought Christmas joy to the small community of Oban, and Fumiko has been delighted with the success thus far:

“The atmosphere at these events is brilliant. The local music groups and the church have been so helpful in organising everything. Everyone always enjoys themselves and there is such an appetite for more in future years!”

With fantastic attendance at the events, Fumiko’s concerts have raised nearly £500 for Carr Gomm so far, and have helped increase local awareness about the detrimental impacts of loneliness.

Fumiko is already planning a similar event for winter 2020, and looks forward to bringing some holiday cheer to the Oban community once more.

Inspired by Fumiko's fantastic fundraising? Check out how you can get involved today.